Proper care for your bathing equipment is very important

, 4. 5. 2019

You should adjust the PH values in the pool when you first strain your home garden bathing facility. It is not just whether you are filling the bathing facilities with water from a well or other underground source or from a public network. These values must always be kept under control, so you need to periodically check with a tester. The Tester will reveal in what values the water in your bathing is moving and if it needs to be adjusted accordingly. These values affect the function of chlorinated products, so it is good to get a tester that will show you the values of active chlorine content in your bathing equipment, so that you can make a correction in this respect.
You will surely be satisfied with our products
So as soon as you take the tester and perform the check, immediately after detecting the PH values, proceed to correct them. It is clear that if the values are low they need to be increased and if they are elevated it is necessary to reduce them. For both of these problems you will find the right products, which we offer in two variants, either granulated or in liquid form. You can choose from different sizes of packages according to the size of your pool or the need for supplies. Check your bathing regularly every week and on warm summer days even more often and immediately proceed to remedy if you find any shortcomings. If you are going to carry out the adjustment and maintenance of the bathing equipment properly, you will be able to enjoy water pleasures for a long time.