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, 4. 5. 2019

In the last time, I have a good time, that he is always at home with an upratujem, a warning and a period. We've got two men on it, but the Cho came to the svet our boys, it's constantly sa brodenie between toys and clothes. Rastú ako from the water, so I do not get a triediť, Cho is already small again.
Športom to Vitalite
The Otecko with the mom of this even Toľko Nemajú ako our two boys. So don't be a blur than a troupe and a break. This will be the minimum dve. And the Verónica cyclist has the head of functional clothing, and it must be made separately and in špeciálnom powder on the Pranie, so that they do not destroy the fibers. Väčšinu's stuff is from craft, but he buys an iné brand. He began to work on the bicycle again. He wants a little schudnúť and get to Kondície. Mala by Som sa inspired, but the hut to me on it Energia.