Not only beds

, 4. 5. 2019

The bedrooms are not just beds, even though the most important thing is happening-sleep and often the most enjoyable thing that the partner life brings. At least at first. Beds also include bedside tables, storage cabinets, vanity tables and other larger or smaller pieces of furniture. They are usually the most intimate and important thing that every person needs both to relax and to do other private matters.
Are you divorced?
Congratulations! Change is life, isn't it? And have you not forgotten that with a new mistress or partner would it be good to change the interior, where a new stage of your sex life will take place? You will not devote yourself to the new discovery in the old bed, among the old wardrobes! That's the same as if you were forcing her to wear panties after your ex-wife! It just can do just utter ignorant. So if you still have an old bedroom in your home, be so kind as to go and buy a new one. Maybe to a furniture store, or at least check out the e-shops, what's the place for grabs, okay?