Influence and convince successfully

, 4. 5. 2019

It is a gift from God if you have an excellent vocabulary, a logical reasoning ability, timely equipment of factual and pertinent arguments, empathy, and a lot of other skills that you can use in conversations with your subordinations. If you want the subordinates to reach a consensus in the final decision, then your natural gifts are a big plus in such negotiations. But not everyone is so rarely endowed. What about this? Others can become successful in influencing and persuasive others if skills are rehearsing and thoroughly studying strategies. Then it will depend on the judgement of each strategy chosen in a particular case.
The policies are still the same
We're not going to talk about how to become a good negotiator. From that they are more called among us. But the principle of conducting each conversation, even if it is only a dialogue between a parent and a child, or a teacher and pupil, or between spouses, is always to maintain friendliness, openness, and rationality. Do not speculate, do not disguise, insult, do not humiliate. No one has to be studied to understand this principle and to use it. You just need these correct behavioral patterns to get in childhood from your parents.