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, 29. 7. 2019

The Effects Of Drinking Water That Is Contaminated

More and more people are suffering daily as a result of consuming contaminated water. Human activities which cause pollution to the environment and water are on the rise from the old days leading to water pollution. One of the sources of water contamination is from human waste which is drained to the water sources. The same happens to chemicals and wastes from industries when if not properly disposed of ends up in water sources. Other than that if the water pipes are not well maintained and separated from the drainage system, water contamination can also occur.

When you drink or prepare food with contaminated water, it’s possible that you get infected with cholera. Cholera is caused by bacteria which commonly thrive in contaminated water and food. When affected with cholera in most cases the symptom is visible after few hours. Immediate care is necessary to avoid dehydration caused by severe diarrhea and vomiting. Other symptoms include abdominal pain since the bacteria infect the small intestine and also nausea.

The other major health hazard caused by contaminated water is diarrhea. Diarrhea is passing of loose stool on several occasions in a day. in most instances, the bacteria causing diarrhea found in contaminated water infests the intestines. Other than drinking contaminated water lack or observing safety precautions while preparing food can cause diarrhea. When one is not treated with diarrhea, they suffer from dehydration which can lead to death. Diarrhea can last a day or even several days depending on the type and also if it’s untreated.

The other effect of water pollution is typhoid fever. Typhoid requires immediate medical care to recover fully and fast. Diarrhea, fever and abdominal pains are the common signs or typhoid fever.

Water contamination can also cause gastroenteritis which is also referred to as food poisoning. The common symptoms of food poisoning include severe abdominal pain, headache, fever and diarrhea. Lack of proper food security methods is the main cause of this.

All these named effects of water contamination can be treated by ensuring that you use and drink clean water. Adopt the use of water purification methods this page which can be done at home, in hotels or even for public use. Ensure to boil drinking water before use at home when you cannot purify or do not have purified water. Note that there are chemicals this page from contaminated water are not removed from boiling water, therefore, find ways to purify the water.

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