Feedback must be effective

, 4. 5. 2019

There are many ways to increase the performance and productivity of a worker's work, or, if you want, employees. But it certainly does not include threats, ultima or verbal gross and vulgar attacks by the employer. It is already a matter of fact whether the employer is a person in place. But one form of how a skilled worker can change his working attitudes is feedback that should not be avoided. Criticism of such attitudes should be carried out without witnesses and the correct choice of words. Believe that the late arrivals to the work of an imaginary worker will not be repeated if he adopts such a criticism as his own.
Learn the Principles
Being a manager and working with your subordinis really not a simple affair. If you want to belong to the good ones, then you need to substantiate your knowledge and knowledge with even the skills you can learn. Applying the right principles in guiding people is the first place for you at the moment. Never stray from this role and keep them behind. Have a dream with them. If you have a disposition to lead people to higher performances, increase your knowledge of life. It is definitely worth it not only in the workplace.