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New FAST AND FURIOUS 6 TV Spot Featuring Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and a Badass Tank


SUPERNATURAL S08Ep18 “Freaks And Geeks” Promo: Sam and Dean investigate some recent vampire kills and are surprised to learn Krissy Chambers is involved. They find Krissy and learn her father was killed and she‘s been taken in by a man named Victor, who has taken in a group of orphan kids to teach them how to hunt. Victor is helping the teenagers find the vampires who took their parents so they can get revenge. Sam is intrigued by Victor‘s method of giving the teenagers a home life as well as a hunting life, but Dean is suspicious of Victor‘s motives.

• Doctor Who’s Producer Marcus Wilson isn’t only making a huge deal out of the Clara mystery, he has also promised that fans will never guess the Doctor’s greatest secret. He says in TV & Satellite Week: ‘It will make viewers’ jaws drop. You thought you knew everything about the Doctor? Well, you never saw this coming.” So does that rule out it simply being his name, which is the mystery many are speculating to be revealed?

• CBS might be dropping one of its CSI series after this season, but it’s guaranteed that the original CSI is avoiding the ax, at least for one more year. On Wednesday, CBS renewed CSI for another year and made sure Ted Danson would be back to boot.

Louis Ferreira reads “Meet Mr Mugs”: “Meet Mr Mugs” was one of Louis Ferreira’s favorite childhood books. When I managed to find an original copy he was kind enough to do a dramatic reading exclusively for Ferreira Fest, the Official Louis Ferreira Fan Club. For more information about Louis Ferreira please go to louisferreira.org or ferreira_fest.livejournal.com

Strange Frame: Attention trippy sci-fi animation film fans: Wolfe Video has sent contest copies of their latest film, STRANGE FRAME, and FANGORIA wants you to win the first “lesbian science fiction rock ‘n roll animated musical!” Featuring the voice work of Tim Curry, George Takei, Claudia Black and Tara Strong, G.B. Hajim’s STRANGE FRAME is set at the end of the 28th century, where the human race has long since abandoned a desolate earth. In order to survive, humanity has been using genetic engineering to adapt to other world environments, to the point where changing one’s skin color or gender has become commonplace. On the moon Ganymede, saxophonist Parker ( Black) and guitarist Naia (Strong) develop a close relationship. The two embark on their new relationship and form a new band—but they also must fight for their freedom from the evil Mig (Tim Curry).

Room 237

Exclusive look at The Shining documentary Room 237′s newest poster. If you’re still pondering over the hidden messages in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, good news — the documentary Room 237 is coming to help sort it out. The film, directed by Rodney Ascher, examines many of the film’s potential meanings with scholars, enthusiasts and a great deal of archival footage of Kubrick’s masterpiece of horror.

Room 237: trailer, and main site

An explanation for the Calumet Baking Powder in Kubrick’s “The Shining”, [and also, "Room 237"]: Calumet Connection – If you are skeptical about this, consider the Calumet baking powder cans with their Indian chief logo that Kubrick placed carefully in the two food-locker scenes. (A calumet is a peace pipe.) Consider the Indian motifs that decorate the hotel, and the way they serve as background in many of the key scenes. Consider the insertion of two lines, early in the film, describing how the hotel was built on an Indian burial ground. These are “confirmers” such as puzzle-makers often use to tell you you’re on the right track.The Shining is also explicitly about America’s general inability to admit to the gravity of the genocide of the Indians – or, more exactly, its ability to “overlook” that genocide. Not only is the site called the Overlook Hotel with its Overlook Maze, but one of the key scenes takes place at the July 4th Ball. That date, too, has particular relevance to American Indians. That’s why Kubrick made a movie in which the American audience sees signs of Indians in almost every frame, yet never really sees what the movie’s about. The film’s very relationship to its audience is thus part of the mirror that this movie full of mirrors holds up to the nature of its audience.

Rape Culture

Seriously?: “School officials told the paper that the incident was not an indication of deeper problems within the school’s culture.” 13-year-old called ‘whore’ after Connecticut football players charged with sexual assault

Meet Reno Saccoccia: As Petchesky notes, “the players were convinced they were untouchable because they’d committed the rape on Saccoccia’s turf … They were right, for a while.” Adding, “If the Times hadn’t turned its eyes to Steubenville, and hacker groups not exposed the graphic evidence, it’s a legitimate question whether justice would have been done at all. Whether or not Saccoccia took a personal hand in protecting his players, the Steubenville reaction is a symptom of what happens in a football-mad small town run by a deified coach.” Petchesky makes a crucial point, but it is important to add that this kind of coverup behavior isn’t limited to small towns with untouchable local celebrities — it’s a symptom of a culture that normalizes sexual assault on the regular, especially in high school and college settings.

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