There’s something wrong in Woodbury

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• “It’s an oasis in this madness,” says Morrissey. “Although it looks like a fortress, there’s aspects of it that look very idyllic, which are idyllic in this world. That comes at a cost.” – The Governor, on Woodbury

• Doctor Who: ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ TV BBC Trailer

• Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan SPACE Trailer

Firefly & Lessons in Contract Law: Firefly was wickedly creative, well-written and had fantastic humor. Spaceships and wardrobe that ranged from Western to Steampunk to Chinese aside, Firefly presented excellent Contract formation issues. Contract formation consists of 1) Offer; 2) Acceptance; 3) Consideration; and 4) Performance. In the world of Firefly, it was often 1) Offer 2) Acceptance 3) Gunfight (also known as breach). Let’s review three episodes to examine these contract issues. Firefly essentially was about engaging in contract work for payment. Each episode has different themes on issues of formation, breach or remedies. While the show was certainly not a transactional space adventure with cowboys, the contract issues are very prevalent. “So let me make this abundantly clear. I do the job and then I get paid.” – Captain Malcolm Reynolds [h/t io9]

Asshattery in the news

• On the heels of saying Claire McCaskill’s performace at the Missouri Senate debate wasn’t “ladylike,” Todd Akin compared Democratic Senator’s demeanor at the debate to that of a caged animal. “The first two minutes, wow, it’s like somebody let a wildcat out of the cage,” Akin told supporters Thursday according to the Los Angeles Times. “She was just furious and attacking in every different direction, which was a little bit of a surprise to us.”

• Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has been a very vocal advocate for marriage equality, helping fundraise to defeat his state’s marriage inequality amendment and just defending the gay community in general. For this, he has been bombarded with anti-gay hate mail, including one particular individual who photoshopped his name into a cartoon describing him as worse than a pedophile.

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