Tennant Fast Six rumor! [I read stuff]

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Doctor Who In Talks For A Role In ‘Fast Six?’: According to sources, former Doctor Who David Tennant has been in talks over skype with director Justin Lin for a part in the film as well. I don’t know which role specifically, whether it’s a bad guy role, or a good guy role as one of Luke Hobb’s men but trust me, they been talking. Now remember boys and girls, it’s talks, not an offer. Whether it pans or not, we will know soon enough. Fast Six starts shooting this month and is scheduled for release on May 24, 2013. [latino-review.com/03 May 2012]

Stargate Universe Virtual Season 3 Back Online!: Remember Stargate Universe Virtual Season 3 I wrote about the other day?  Well it is back online in full (all 8 scripts) for free at Laurence Moroney’s website: http://www.philotic.com/stargate/.  I guess whatever was going on behind the scenes didn’t work out.  That’s too bad but at least the scripts are back online for all to enjoy! [ftlnews/04 May 2012]

The GOP’s New Sneak Attack on Abortion Rights: Rep. Todd Rokita’s (R-Ind.) State Health Flexibility Act, also known as HR 4160, contains a provision that would force 17 states, including California, Massachusetts, and New York, to either discontinue programs that help low-income women pay for abortions, or spend a lot more money to purchase new insurance plans for those women. Thirty House Republicans have signed onto Rokita’s proposal since it was introduced in March*, and the Republican Study Committee, a group of conservatives that includes over 70 percent of the GOP caucus, made HR 4160 part of its official budget plan. If passed, the bill “would block the only avenue left to states that wish to make safe and legal abortions accessible to low income women,” says Sara Rosenbaum, a health law expert at George Washington University. [motherjones/04 May 2012]

House GOP Would Let Domestic Abusers Know Their Victims Called For Help: The GOP-led House’s version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) would not only strip away Senate-passed protections for undocumented, LGBT, and Native American victims, it also contains a dangerous provision that violates an undocumented victim’s confidentiality by allowing immigration officials to speak with, and ask for evidence from, his or her abuser. Visas offered to undocumented victims of domestic violence are called “U Visas” and the Senate version of the bill expanded the number of U Visas offered to victims. The House bill not only strips out the additional visas, it also contains a new provision enabling government officials to inform “the accused” that their victim blew the whistle on their abuse [thinkprogress/Annie-Rose Strasser/04 May 2012]

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