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Terrorist tampons! Maybe…

Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ Breaks IMAX U.K. Pre-Sales Record: LONDON – Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is proving an eye-popping draw for the BFI Imax theater in central London as pre-sales for the movie break records. Scott’s movie, starring a galaxy of stars including Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba and Logan Marshall-Green, has booked 18,287 tickets in hits first full week of presales at the theater. It translates into £293,312 ($474,687) in gross pre-sale tickets, the highest grossing week ever. [hollywoodreporter/Stuart Kemp /04 May 2012]

Vin Diesel Announces Possible ‘Riddick’ Release Date & Sequels: After successfully reprising his role as Dominic Torreto in Fast Five, Diesel looks to keep his hot streak going by resurrecting the characters that made him into a box-office magnet.  Naturally, he will play Riddick in the self-titled sequel currently in development, as well as Xander Cage in the recently announced xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. [screenrant/Jason Marrero/02 May 2012]

Sorry, Rihanna: ‘Hobbit’ Star Luke Evans Offered ‘Fast Six’ Villain Role: When stories broke that ‘Battleship’ hottie Rihanna was offered the villain role in the upcoming ‘Fast & Furious’ sequel, it felt like a rumor … primarily because the source was Britain’s tabloid The Sun. Now the reputable Twitch says that ‘Immortals’ star Luke Evans actually is being offered the part, plugging into a role that was pitched to Jason Statham. [screencrush/Sean O'Connell/02 May 2012]

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Tease Breaking Bad Season 5 (VIDEO): This behind-the-scenes look at Season 5 is the first promotional video released by AMC for the highly anticipated next chapter of the drama, and features actors and Emmy winners Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul telling us what we already assumed would be true: that Season 5 is going to be insane. There’s no new footage or real talk about what’s happening but OMG Breaking Bad Season 5!!!…AMC has yet to announce the premiere date for Breaking Bad’s fifth season, but we do know that it will be eight episodes long and that Season 6 (also eight episodes in length) will be the final season. [tv.com/Tim Surette/02 May 2012]

Stargate Universe Conclusion Coming Soon?: One “SGU Virtual Season 3? written by a guy named Laurence Moroney, often said by fans to be the best ending written for SGU, went off the web recently!  It now says, “While some have claimed, destructively, to the contrary, the truth of the matter is that taking the virtual Season offline was my idea, done entirely voluntarily, for the benefit of an initiative that is going on that could yield results in a continuation of the SG-storyline. If and when something happens, I’ll announce it here. Speculation, and amateur legal advice is extremely destructive. Please avoid!”
WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  This is all pure speculation but are they turning his proposed season 3 into an actual, official ending?  A book ending SGU properly would be incredible and would really mean a lot to fans who were crushed by the final episode of SGU’s season 2.
The website, http://www.philotic.com/stargate/, held all 8 scripts for a potential 3rd and final season.  I have read the first 3 (downloaded them before they were taken down) and so far they are as good as anything written by the actual Stargate writers, in my opinion.  He’s got the characters down perfectly which is very impressive! [ftlnews/02 May 2012]

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett: Forced Ultrasounds Are ‘the Way to Go’: Republican Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett is asserting that forced ultrasounds are “the way to go” if they stop women from having abortions. Corbett had been criticized for supporting one of the most restrictive anti-abortion bills in the country because he said that women could just “close your eyes” during the mandatory ultrasound. The bill was eventually shelved by the state House, but Corbett recently told The Seattle Times that he still supported the measure. [crooksandliars/David/02 May 2012]

Louisiana Senate Approves Bill Requiring Women To Hear Fetus’ Heartbeat Before Abortion: Louisiana has a history of anti-abortion legislation designed to infringe upon women’s access to abortion services. The state already requires women to have an ultrasound before an abortion procedure, but now, the state Senate has passed a bill that would require women to listen to the fetus’ heartbeat as well. Women would be able to opt out of hearing the heartbeat if they sign a form saying they don’t want to listen, and victims of rape or incest would be exempt. The measure now heads to the House [thinkprogress/Amanda Peterson Beadle/03 May 2012]

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