Fantastic Ferns and Nature Study


Up until now, the most advanced crochet pattern I’ve attempted has been labeled, well, advanced. Until now! Behold! My start on “challenging” patterns!

In green and also red are “Fantastic Ferns”. The first was using green size 10 crochet cotton, with a 1mm hook. Some errors, but it came out okay. Of course, the errors bugged me, so I took another whack at it, in red size 100 cotton and a 0.60mm needle. *Damn! My eyes!* One thing about working with a needle that small is that when I switched back to a 1mm needle, it felt HUGE! The second challenging pattern was “Nature Study”, in size 10 crochet cotton with a 1mm hook.

It’s been nice to bump it up a level but wow! Lots of complicated stitches. Worth it, I think.

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