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Oddly hypnotic and slightly arousing…
Stargate Universe – Prometheus:

Published on Apr 21, 2012 by SGUnity
Parody / Spoof of the official trailer of “Prometheus” with videos from Stargate Universe (SGU).

The Wolverine Will Film In Japan, After All: Diehard Wolverine fans lost their fool minds when news broke recently that the upcoming sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine would be shooting in Hugh Jackman’s home country of Australia instead of Japan, as had previously been promised. As it turns out, according to this MTV interview with 20th Century Fox chief Tom Rothman, you’re both right…As you can now see, Rothman says that interiors will be filmed on a stage in Australia (perhaps so Jackman can be near friends and family), while exteriors on James Mangold’s The Wolverine will, in fact, be shot in Japan. [cinemablend/Sean O'Connell/27 Apr 2012]

Reef shark populations in steep decline, study says: WASHINGTON – Reef sharks, which are often killed for their fins or caught in fishing nets, have declined to 10 per cent of historic levels near populated islands in the Pacific Ocean, U.S. scientists said Friday. The survey by the University of Hawaii showed that the numbers were drastically lower near populated islands in Hawaii, the Mariana Archipelago and American Samoa, compared to more pristine, remote areas in the ocean. “We estimate that reef shark numbers have dropped substantially around populated islands, generally by more than 90 percent compared to those at the most untouched reefs,” said Marc Nadon, lead author of the study in the journal Conservation Biology. “In short, people and sharks don’t mix,” added Nadon, a scientist at the university’s Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research. [Agence France-Presse/27 Apr 2012]

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