What if it weren’t ‘just’ contraception? [I read stuff]

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What if it weren’t ‘just’ contraception that was targeted by the so-called ‘conscience clauses’? What if some pharmacists just decided that filling YOUR life saving prescription somehow violated their freedoms or some such nonsense? Would it be real to you then? Of course, you’ve got to wonder why someone would become a pharmacist if they were opposed to medications. Vegans don’t usually make a point to work in places that process or sell meat, for example, and if they do choose to work in those places, they sure as hell can’t be upset or surprised that they come in contact with something they oppose. So why do they do it? There’s so much about this that is puzzling me to me. Mostly, why do someone else’s political/religious sensibilities trump my rights?

As for Ann Romney, sure, I’m willing to bet that was a slip of the tongue. It could happen to anyone. I’m also willing to bet it’s a Freudian slip of the tongue, which can also happen to anyone. I think she actually feels this way and it just slipped out.

War on Women: What if Pharmacist Could Deny Any Medication Due To “Conscience”?:

The folks at the National Women’s Law Center’s “Not Up for Debate” campaign have put together a powerful short film pointing out what would happen if “conscience clauses” that allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense birth control and Plan B could be applied more broadly to any medications they deem immoral.

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