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‘Walking Dead’ producers tease season three premiere: Speaking at a TV Academy panel in Los Angeles, Mazzara confirmed that he had just finished work on the script for the episode and dropped a few hints about its content, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Mazzara said: “It’s pretty dynamic and action-packed with tons of zombies, but also a lot of quieter moments and a lot of heart.
“This is a group of survivors, a family that has come together and they have no good options, no place to go and they’re really trying to keep themselves alive, and keep each other alive.
“You can see how desperate they are; they’re clinging to each other. It’s those moment of human interaction and heart that are important.”
Kirkman implied that the season would be a good one for fans of the original comic series, saying: “For comic fans, they know the good stuff is coming. The really intense stuff with Michonne, the Governor and Woodbury [prison] really defined the comic book series and we haven’t even gotten to that stuff yet.
“Now that we’re getting to that stuff in season three, it’s really going to change the show quite a bit.” [digitalspy/Emma Dibdin/14 Apr 2012]

Exclusive Interview: THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 news from creator Robert Kirkman:

ASSIGNMENT X: Is there anything you can tease us about Season Three of THE WALKING DEAD?
ROBERT KIRKMAN [creator of THE WALKING DEAD comic book series and one of the executive producers of the AMC TV series version]: I can say that Season Three is going to be awesome. I can say that we know that the Governor is going to be in it, Michonne is going to be in it, the prison – these are all things that people are aware of and I think that anyone who’s aware of the comic book series knows the kind of stories that we tell with those characters. Those are the kinds of stories that we’re going to in the show and I think it’s going to be really intense. [assignmentx/ABBIE BERNSTEIN/5 apr 2012]

Dog braves traffic to stick by fatally struck pal: PUENTE, Calif. — Los Angeles county animal control officials are heralding the loyalty of a black Labrador retriever that braved traffic to stay by another dog that was fatally struck by a car. A motorist who saw the dogs on a La Puente street Wednesday morning put down traffic cones to alert other drivers and shot video of the dogs. The video released Saturday showed the female Labrador lying next to a motionless, yellow Labrador as vehicles pass dangerously close to them. The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control says the 2-year-old dog, who animal shelter staff and volunteers have named Grace, appears to have been well cared for. However, nobody has come forward to claim her so she is up for adoption. [Associated Press/14 Apr 2012]

A Ceremony in the Midwest Honors Rock Legends From the Coasts: CLEVELAND — The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, a gleaming glass pyramid on the shores of Lake Erie, has become a proud symbol of this city. And Cleveland’s rock fans turned out in droves for the hall’s 27th induction ceremony on Saturday, only third time it has been held here.
But this year much of the show’s music was rooted squarely in the country’s entertainment capitals of New York and Los Angeles. Guns N’ Roses and the Red Hot Chili Peppers represented two branches of California rock in the 1980s, metal and punk. And the Beastie Boys and the mercurial songwriter Laura Nyro, if they have anything in common, were celebrated as but two slices of New York’s huge, multifaceted musical culture.
…No Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony would be complete without some backstage drama to underscore the raw feelings of the music (as well as the music industry’s continual clash of millionaires). This year Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses filled that role, declaring in a public letter that he would not attend, and therefore would not reunite with his estranged band.
“I strongly request that I not be inducted in absentia,” Mr. Rose wrote, “and please know that no one is authorized nor may anyone be permitted to accept any induction for me or speak on my behalf.” [BEN SISARIO/nytimes/14 Apr 2012]

Military May Be Gaslighting Sexual Assault Victims: Leave it to the U.S. military to find a way to make sexual assault even more awful than it already is. CNN reports that, according to testimony from a number of women across all branches of the armed forces, that women who allege sexual assault are often given a psychiatric diagnosis and discharge in the military’s ceaseless effort to protect us regular American citizens from its most pernicious attitudes about gender. [jezebel/Doug Barry/14 Apr 2012]

Hoekstra: Pay Equity Is A “Nuisance” That’s “Hurting Business”: Via Huffington Post, Hoekstra told a crowd at a campaign rally, “Will, you know, will repealing it be a priority? If you came back and said, you know, that’s really the thing that’s hurting my business the most. My guess is there are other things that we can do that have a higher priority in terms of what I, what I believe might need to be done. I think you know we need to create — that thing is a nuisance. It shouldn’t be the law.” [care2/Robin Marty/14 Apr 2012]

A Healthy Dose of Straight Talk About Hilary Rosen and Ann Romney: Ann Romney made herself a legitimate target for political criticism when she agreed to allow her husband to use her in his public campaign for President of the United States as his expert consultant on American women and the issues they care about. That is a subject Ann Romney is completely incompetent to address — she has no qualifications for claiming expertise or understanding of what American women think and care about. [The Agonist/14 Apr 2012]

Maher on Rosengate: “I Think What She Meant Was That Romney’s Never Gotten Her A** Out of the House to Work”: Maher’s panelists — former Canadian PM Kim Campbell, Reagan-era budget director David Stockman, and conservative journalist Matthew Continetti – discuss Romney’s backwards views for a while before they get around to Rosengate. Quoth Maher, “No one’s denying that being a mother is a tough job…but there is a big difference between being a mother in that ough job, and getting your ass out the door at 7am when it’s cold, having to deal with a boss, being unhappy at a workplace where even if you’re unhappy you can’t show it for 8 hours.” Indeed, but even more important here is the class issue: Ann Romney doesn’t understand “work,” as defined by lower income of American women, because she is not impacted the same way by the costs of healthcare, childcare, unpaid time spent on maternity leave, and food, to name just a few things. If nothing else, watch the segment below for Campbell’s clearheaded points about the very real war on women — the one Mitt Romney supports. Via Mediaite [AlterNet/Lauren Kelley/14 Apr 2012]

Does Mitt Romney Support Paid Sick Days?: Ann Romney has tweeted, “All moms are entitled to choose their path.” But unfortunately for low-wage working moms and nearly half of private sector workers, the” choice” is either “go to work and send my sick kid to school” or “stay at home with my sick child and risk losing my job or needed income.” That’s a choice no parent should have to make. Does Mitt Romney agree? Paid sick days legislation would enable workers to accrue paid sick leave and provide for provisions to help employers manage. It also makes economic sense as it costs businesses more in lost worker productivity to have sick employees come in, than it would cost to offer paid time off in the first place. President Obama has come out in favor of such legislation. Mitt Romney, who claims to understand the plight of working people, has been silent. [thinkprogress/Melissa Boteach/14 Apr 2012]

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