Brown Mountain Lights, Alabama and Idaho think women are stupid. Canada is stupid too [I read stuff]

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Brown Mountain Lights, Mysterious Orbs In NC, Are Decades-old Mystery :


For at least a century, the Brown Mountain Lights have confounded residents and tourists in a rugged patch of Burke County, bobbing and weaving near a modest peak. Are they reflections from automobile headlights? Brush fires? A paranormal phenomenon, or something natural not yet explained by science?

[qwstnevrythg/28 feb 2012]


Because apparently women are too stupid to realize that being pregnant means there’s a baby in there:

Alabama Revives Transvaginal Ultrasound Debate:

Over at Think Progress, Amanda Peterson Beadle reports that Alabama has taken up its own version of the Virginia bill that would have required women—even victims of rape or incest—to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound before getting an abortion:

When a woman in Alabama seeks an abortion procedure, she already has to sign that her doctor has performed an ultrasound and that she either viewed the ultrasound image or rejected seeing it. But state Sen. Clay Scofield (R) is pushing SB 12, a bill in the Alabama legislature that would mandate the physician “to perform an ultrasound, provide verbal explanation of the ultrasound, and display the images to the pregnant woman before performing an abortion.” The physician could also require the woman to submit to a transvaginal ultrasound—”in which a probe is inserted into the vagina, and then moved around until an ultrasound image is produced”—if she or he determines it necessary.

The Alabama bill advanced out of committee on Friday. State Sen. Greg Reed told the local news that voted for the bill because it would help “a mother to understand that a live baby is inside her body.” By forcing her to undergo unwanted vaginal penetration, that is.

The original Virginia law was scrapped last week after public outcry, but that doesn’t appear to have stopped Alabama from taking up the cause.

[Motherjones/Kate Sheppard/28 Feb 2012]

Idaho To Consider Ultrasound Bill:

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Chuck Winder and Right to Life of Idaho are sponsoring a bill to require women to have an ultrasound before receiving an abortion that has been introduced in the Idaho legislature. The measure does not specifically mention transvaginal ultrasounds — “in which a probe is inserted into the vagina, and then moved around until an ultrasound image is produced” — but would leave it up to a doctor and the patient to decide which ultrasound would be best. It states: “The physician who is to perform the abortion or a qualified technician shall perform an obstetric ultrasound on the pregnant patient, using whichever method the physician and patient agree is best under the circumstances.”Alabama and Pennsylvania are also considering similar laws, and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) has already backed away from backed away from that state’s controversial transvaginal mandate and proposed a compromise amendment.

[thinkprogress/27 feb 2012]

Gee, ya think?:

Rep. Issa Concedes His All-Male Anti-Contraception Hearing Was Not ‘My Greatest Success’:

Eight days after getting roundly-chastised for holding an all-male anti-contraception, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) admitted on Friday that the episode did not go as well as he expected.

“I won’t call it my greatest success to get a point across on behalf of the American people,” said the six-term congressman.

[thinkprogress/Scott Keyes/27 Feb 2012]

Canada, I am disappointed:

Canadian Doctors Billing The Government For ‘Curing’ Homosexuality:

Doctors in Alberta, Canada are still billing the province for treating homosexuality as a mental disorder “akin to bestiality and pedophilia, despite assurances from the former health minister in 2010 that the ‘incorrect and unacceptable classification’ would be removed immediately.” The billings are no longer part of the online version of the government’s diagnostic codes, but still exist and in 2010 “doctors billed the province for treating homosexuality as a mental disorder five times.”

[thinkprogress/27 feb 2012]

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