My Hemlock Ring [Day1]

Knitting in the round is something new for me, so for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been tinkering around with learning it. Fortunately, along with the different books I’ve read, I have the added joy of youtube videos. Don’t laugh! If you’ve ever tried to figure out some of those knitting diagrams on your own without seeing someone do it in front of you, you’d know what I mean. It can be crazy making :) But, with the help of lots of various videos, I decided to brave it.

At first, I tried to do it with double pointed needles (DPN), but that made me a little insane too. Ever dropped a stitch off a needle? Times that by 4 – no, 8!, because it can fall off either side! And they always get in the way. But in my searching, I learned about the “magic loop” method. *Choir sings!* Some more tinkering. Like making “A Big Tube!”, and adapting things like yarn overs and stuff.

All of that is good and well, but I can’t go on just making tubes and circles forever. I had to have a plan! And that’s when I stumbled across The Hemlock Ring, via Jared at Brooklyntweed.It’s this big, gorgeous, feather-and-fan based pattern, adapted from a smaller doily. (It always seems to come down to doilies for me!), and looked like something I really wanted to try out.

With some spare yarn I had left over from another project, and an old circular knitting needle, I decided to try my hand. The above pic is after day one, about 20 rounds so far. Some things were weird, like how to work a yarnover at the very beginning of a round, something I’ve never had to do in straight knitting, but so far at least, it seems to be working out nicely. I’ll try to post pics of my daily progress.

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  • Tracy Martin Laus

    I don’t know how to knit w/ needles but I’m learning to knit w/ looms.  It’s very fun.  I’ve made hats, scarves, a skirt for Sarah and afghan for my mo,m, well still working on that one and things for my sister.. I’ve only been doing it under three wks. 

  • xxxevilgrinxxx

    I love hearing that people are still learning how to do it. It’s always been a bit of a fear that a lot of this stuff will die out and no one will know what it’s like to get a handmade anything at all. I’ve never knitted with a loom – maybe that’s next for me :D

    Will you post pics when you’re done?

  • ban sidhe (on vx)

    I learned to knit early by watching my mother and grandmother.  My mom actually designs her own patterns and garments.  I was still only a teenager when she showed me how to knit a complete raglan sleeved sweater using a round needle.  It’s fantastic!  No sewing pieces and then having to seam them!  And you can do cardigans just as easily.

  • ban sidhe

    PS:  I knit, crochet, quilt, do needlepoint, crewel and can sew my own clothes as well.  Have taught both my daughters to do as much as they could handle, (or were willing to learn).

  • xxxevilgrinxxx

    My nana taught me to knit, and it stuck (in, over, through, and off!) but I didn’t take it up again until my late teens. No one to show me now, mostly, so I’ve been self taught. I’ve made big things on a circular needle, like afghans and stuff, but this was something smaller and, well, rounder :) Lots of fun!

  • xxxevilgrinxxx

    I don’t quilt, but all the rest? Yep :) My son hasn’t shown much interest in learning, but if he ever does, I’ll gladly teach him :D

  • Anonymous

    o hai! Random visiter here. I was looking around for tips on knitting flat circular things with the magic loop method. I’ve knitted this project before (on 2 circs) and I’ve made a pair of socks on magic loop but didn’t know something flat like this could be done.

    It’s looking great, by the way. Don’t sweat it! Its an easy breezy knit if you use markers and a lifeline. :)

  • xxxevilgrinxxx

    Thanks muchly!

    It definitely knitted up a lot easier than I thought it would. I’d never do anything without a lifeline now :D

  • Vita

    hi, I just start knitting this throw, at round 8th, already having a problem, would you help?
    8th to 12th rnds incl: Knit around, is that include round 12th, or increase 1?

  • xxxevilgrinxxx

    Rounds 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 are all just knit, no increases :)

    Good luck!